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In Chiang Mai, Thailand, Art Relief International has built strong relationships with several local organizations, schools and orphanages to provide artistic services that include art and craft instruction, therapeutic art sessions, dance, music, drama, and much more.


Our partner organizations in Chiang Mai include:


WildfloweWildflowerr Home Foundation


Wildflower Home, or Ban Dok Mai Pa in Thai, is a temporary home for unemployed single mothers with very young children and a shelter for unmarried pregnant young women prior and subsequent to the birth of their child. Women who come to Wildflower Home have no consistent means of support, no boyfriend or husband actively present in their lives and have a desire to make life-affecting changes.





Thai Freedom House


Thai Freedom House is a not-for-profit community language and arts learning center in Northern Thailand dedicated to assisting families and individuals who are refugees from Burma and indigenous people of Thailand.





Hope Home is a foster-care home for special needs children who are referred from the local government orphanage in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. The home was established in October 2007 and is able to accommodate seven residential children, as well as offer daily therapy/respite care to other disabled children in the area as needed.


watpapao Wat Papao


Wat Papao, situated in a 400-year old Shan temple, houses a school for Shan children who have emigrated from Burma. The school teaches a basic Thai curriculum and is intended to provide Shan youth in Chiang Mai with literacy skills that will enable them to improve their job opportunities and future in Thailand.



Baan Viengping is a children's orphanage about 15 kilometers north of the city of Chiang Mai. The home itself houses 180 children ranging from newborns to young adult females at 22 years old. All the children have been abandoned or abused, or were simply born into familes that could not support them. Baan Viengping is only one organization in a network of orphanages, group homes, and foster care units supported by the Thai government that are dedicated to the care and education of orphaned or abandoned children from 17 provinces across northern Thailand.



Founded by USAID in 2004, Mplus+ is a nonprofit organization in Chiang Mai that works primarily to promote sexual health for men who have sex with men (MSM). Although male sex workers are their most important target group, the organization also serves the gay, bisexual, lesbian, and transgender communities. They offer a community of about 1,000 members an accepting and therapeutic atmosphere where they receive English language lessons, HIV/AIDS education, job training, as well as life counseling.