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ARI in the News

Before being reinvented as Art Relief International, our arts initiative was originally known as the Canvas Art Program. Under this moniker and our parent organization Cultural Canvas Thailand, our philanthropic work, local art workshops, and community exhibitions have been touted in both local and international news media.

Here are some excerpts from various news sources:

DC This Week Blog, Jul 2010: Canvas Art Program Fundraising Event

Guest of a Guest Online, Jul 2010: "Canvas Art Happy Hour at Science Club"

Lancaster Online, Jul 2010: "Thailand Will Be Her Canvas"

Chiang Mai Citylife, March 2010: "Voices in Technicolor"

BoingBoing Blog, Oct 2009: "Giant-sized Gary Baseman Drawing for Charity"

Chiang Mai Mail, Sept 2009: Chiang Mai Network for the Needy

Chiang Mai Mail, Jun 2009: "Cultural Canvas Thailand keeps on Creating"

Northside Chronicle, Mar 2009: "Art Helps Children Smile Once More"

Pensacola Magazine, May 2008: "Painting Thailand's Canvas Brightly" 

Bangkok Post, Oct 2010: "Forward-looking film festival"


ARI Friends and Fans


On top of the press coverage we receive from recognized media outlets, many of our former volunteers, friends, and supporters blog about ARI workshops and community outreach projects as well. 

We invite you to visit their personal blogs and read what they have to say:

Stratton ABC Foundation - Dreamcatchers Workshop

Susan Gottlieb - Connecting Threads

Chrissy Foreman C - art: eco: community


Monthly Newsletter

Our monthly newsletters, previously disseminated under the name Cultural Canvas Thailand, provide our supporters with inspirational stories about our work and participants, and keep our online community in the loop with the happenings here in Chiang Mai.

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