Why Art? E-mail

“Art is the triumph over chaos.” – John Cheever


Art has the power to transform minds and change society. It is about more than the creation of beautiful images; art is a part of our social, emotional, and spiritual development. The arts allow everyone, no matter how disadvantaged, a comforting and liberating space in which to navigate the challenges they face. It has been widely proven that art can play a profound role in helping people cope with crisis, and achieve mental and emotional stability.


At Art Relief International, we work with people every day who are in need of therapeutic creative exploration. From Burmese refugees who have been forced to relocate under harsh living and working conditions to children with cerebral palsy who have been severely neglected throughout their lives, the past stories of our program’s participants are often quite grim. Through Art Relief International, we offer these people a unique artistic voice and the tools they need to heal - all in a space in which there are neither taboos nor boundaries.

Art can easily be seen as a frivolous luxury, but for our participants it proves to be an essential tool for healing, and it provides a way to articulate personal needs that would otherwise go unheard.

We pledge to continue making a creative difference in Chiang Mai, Thailand as long as we are needed.