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Art Relief International has created and implemented workshops for the local community that involve visual arts, drama, music, dance and beyond. Some of our projects take just an hour, others take a day, and some unfold over the course of several months. Our projects, designed and implemented by ARI staff and volunteers, are carefully created to fit the needs of our focus groups. Whether we are working with refugees from Burma, single mothers, or children at the local orphanage, we have seen how art affects positive change in people's lives.


The best way to learn about Art Relief International's projects is through our blog, created and run by volunteers. Our blog is regularly updated with information and pictures of our most recent workshop. Click here to read about our projects.


Examples of past projects:

The Unwinding Wall --  A glass bottle meditation space made from local natural and recycled materials. It was constructed by the single mothers of Wildflower Home Foundation alongside ARI staff and volunteers.















The Traveling Quilt of Dreams -- A quilt created by the gay and transgender members of the organizaton MPlus+ exploring the relationships between memories and dreams.



Community Murals -- Our bright and colorful murals are designed and painted by our focus groups with the help of ARI staff. Not only are they a fun and introspective process, they leave a long-lasting work of art that our participants can be proud of, beautifying our cityscape.