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Scrapbook Photos

Face Paint @ Wat Muen Ngen Kong, 16th June 2016

Healing Family: Puffy Paint 22/5/15


Young Lions

Thai Freedom House

WildFlower Home

Urban Light

Juvenile Detention Center

Hope Home

Healing Family Foundation

Baan Nokkamin Foundation

Baan King Kaew

artrelief web pictures

Thai Freedom House . Organic & Geometric Shapes, Color Theory . 08-02-13

Young Lions . Neighborhood Shared Painting . 22&24.01.13

Mplus+ . Community Reflective Writing . 21.01.13

Hope Home . Birthday Hats . 23.01.13

Thai Freedom House . Introduction to Shape and Form . 18.01.13

Healing Family Foundation Dance & Movement (Haka) 09.01.13

Young Lions Leaf People & Leaf Body Collage 08 & 10.01.13

Hope Home Sensory Workshop (Garden) 09.01.13

Young Lions . Sharing Christmas Drawings . 11&13.12.12

Hope Home . Christmas Drawings . 12.12.12

Wildflower Home . Loom Knitting . 12.12.12

Women's League of Burma . Journal-binding . 07.12.12

Young Lions . Christmas Card . 06.12.12

Hope Home: sculptural paper collage 12.1.2012

Healing Family Foundation - Fabric Collage

Young Lions - Anansi Story Masks

Mitmuandek - Play Dough!

Young Lions - Nature Mandala

Hope Home - Music & Bubbles

Healing Family Foundation - Sealife Puzzle

Young Lions - Father's Day Gifts

School For Life - Elephant Mobiles

Wat Pa Pao - Furry Pom Pom Friends Nov 29, 2011

Wildflower Home Candle Lantern Making

Young Lions - Squiggle Game

Wat Pa Pao Paper Plate Crayon Resist Fish

Mplus+ 2-sided Identity Self Portraits

Hope Home Yardsale

Young Lions Love Letter Weaving Nov.25, 2011

Wat Pa Pao - Shiny Fish and Butterflies

Healing Family Foundation - Crayon Transfers

Wildflower Home Magazine Paper Beads

Mitmuandek, Crayon Etchings

Young Lions, Two Sides to a Picture

Hope Home Crayon Etchings Nov. 9 '11

Wild Flower Home: Colour/Composition Review for Card Making, 7 Nov, 2011

Healing Family Foundation Sand Mandalas Nov. 4, 2011

Young Lions Postcards to Canada

Mitmoundek Shiny Fish

Young Lions - Recycled Accessories

Healing Family Foundation - Recycled Notebooks

Hope Home October 20, 2011

Young Lions - Notebooks from re-used materials


hope home-11-08-11- paint with texture

Young Lions, August 5, 2011, Maracas

Mitmoundek, Irish Flags 01-08-2011


Jul 14, 2011 YL

Starry Night Productions

Young Lions Irish culture/stenciling onto Irish dancing sashes

Young Lions Origami

Young Lions, Recycled Art


Mitmondek - Painting with disabled kids

ABC Stratton House Mural Apr 28, 2011

YL native americans

Wildflower kids birdmasks

Wildflower kids

Mar 24, 2011Playground finished :)

woodcutting workshop

Playground March 2011

ARI collage

Healing Family Foundation, Feb 24, 2011

Feb 23, 2011

Young Lions Brazil

Young Lions New Zealand


Wildflower kids

Stratton ABC Foundation - Dance Workshop II

Young Lions in Germany

Bubbles at Hope Home

Hope Home - Cool Colours

Stratton ABC Foundation - Dance Workshop

Thai Freedom House - Africa

Young Lions Guatemalan Weaving + Wat Pa Pao Farm Animals

Young Lions Hawaiian Holiday

Healing Family Self Portraits

Hope Home Warm Colours

Young Lions Russian Paintings

Hope Home Night Stensils

Young Lions Djembe Drums

Wat Pa Pao, Friendship Globe

Wildflower Home Jewelry Making

ABC Stratton Home Fantasy Playground

Wildflower,colour combination on card making,3Dec2010

Young Lions, Indoneisan Masks

hopehome, watercolor and bubbles

Stratton's Mural

Wildflower Home, cards

Hope Home 17.11.10

Wat Pa pao Self-portrait

Young Lions, Mosaic

Wat Pa Pao, Pond

Hopehome, Nature flag


Young lions,Mexican Papal Picado

DSIFF 2010

Young lions, Trinidad masks

Hopehome,leaves mobile

Stratton ABC Foundation

Hope home,nature mobile

Card making at Wildflower

Keep your nightmare away, Young Lions

Exploring the nature at Hopehome

Cake party at Hopehome

India Batik for Young Lions

Young Lions, VIsitng a country of England

Young Lions, Global Artists : Chinese scrolls

Painting with Toys at Hope Home

Wildflower : Cut shape card making

Young Lions, Global Artists - Japanese fan (25/8/10)

Hope home 24 Aug- painting the day with rollers

hope home - Aug18th

Hope home 11Aug10

Card Making - Wild Flower

Thai Freedom House Paper Wallets

Wat Pa Pao

Hope Home goes to the Playground

Card Workshop with Wildflower House

Hope Home: Life in Trees Workshop

Baan Vieng Ping Orphanage: Mythological Bird Masks

Musical Instrument Workshop with Hope Home

Personal Flag Workshop with Freedom House

Sponge Painting with Hope Home

Staff Jewelry Workshop with P'Ao

Hope Home: Music and Painting Workshop with the Little Mole

Wildflower Home: Jewelry Workshop #1

Wat Pa Pao:Drama 2

"Where I Belong" Exhibition

Wat Papao Map collage

Wat pa pao:Drama workshop

Stencil Art Dec 09

Kirsty's Stencilworkshop Pics: Lesson 1

Freedom House Murals!

Uncaged Photos By Liam Morgan

Recycle with Freedom House

Grandma Cares goes 'Safari'

Prep-work in Freedom House

Aimee's Baan Piranan Aquarium Photos

Hope Home Heads Under the Sea

Swim with Baan Piranan!

Wat Papao Thinks About Their Future

Baan Piranan Goes YELLOW

Hope Home

Mosaic Workshop

The Unwinding Wall

Buddhakasetra-Identity Posters