Volunteer Profiles E-mail

Chrissy Foreman C, Age 29, Australia


I volunteered with the art program throughout Jan 2009. During my time with Art Relief International, I'vechrissy had the opportunity to run art workshops, create lesson plans and introduce art for the first time to three boys with Cerebral Palsy. It's been a thoroughly rewarding three weeks, jam-packed full of creativity, sharing and learning.


I have a background in Community Art and working with people with cerebral palsy, and I specialize in working with kids. Feel free to email me about developing any Community Art/Public Art/Sustainable Art Projects, working with Baan Piranan, or coming up with lesson plans and any ideas for kids. I hope to hear from you soon!

Email: mail at chrissyforemanc dot com



Jon Lohse, Age 21, USA

I'm an art history major at Dartmouth College volunteering for Art Relief during one of my off-terms. I received funding for this experience as a Dickey Center International Intern from the Dickey Foundation at Dartmouth.



While here, I've been working on lesson plans, grant-writing, and hands-on creative work -- in fact, we are just finishing up an incredible project creating a mural and new logo for Baan Piranan, a home for children with cerebral palsy in Chiang Mai.


I have found volunteering for ARI to be both artistically eye-opening and intensely rewarding, and would recommend it to anyone, no matter what level of academic or personal engagement with the visual arts.