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Art Relief International works to transform the lives of struggling social groups in Chiang Mai, Thailand by offering them the opportunity to express themselves through an artistic lens.

Art changes lives. It is both a powerful means of expression and a recognized means of therapy – two things that are vital in the lives of ARI participants. ARI works to cultivate creativity, create an atmosphere of inclusion for groups that are often cast out and ignored, and encourage social change.


Our volunteer-based organization relies on dedicated and open-minded individuals looking to make a creative difference in the world. This unique opportunity to volunteer in Thailand rewards both volunteers and ARI program participants alike.

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  • Making a Never Ending Card for Thai Freedom House 16 Nov 2017 | 6:45 am

    In this workshop, we explored "Never Ending Cards" to show the many sides of Thai Freedom House. We focused on this form of card-making as we would like the kids to gain another life skill in the hopes of honing a craft to make sales/business in original handicrafts. The aim is to make a card that represents Thai Freedom House and its students in a colourful way to the public for eventual upcoming showcase events and sales.

    We started the workshop by showing them a video to introduce them to this new form of card-making.
    The students were very interested in the process and eagerly awaited to make their own Never Ending Cards.

    After this, we split the students into small groups. Each ARI member sat down with one group, explained and showed the students step-by-step how to make a Never Ending Card.
    It was then the students’ turn to make their own Never Ending Cards. Some of the kids were very serious about following the steps as accurately as possible.
    While others got rather messy and put glue everywhere ;) Most of the Never Ending Cards turned out really nice! :)