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Art Relief International works to transform the lives of struggling social groups in Chiang Mai, Thailand by offering them the opportunity to express themselves through an artistic lens.

Art changes lives. It is both a powerful means of expression and a recognized means of therapy – two things that are vital in the lives of ARI participants. ARI works to cultivate creativity, create an atmosphere of inclusion for groups that are often cast out and ignored, and encourage social change.


Our volunteer-based organization relies on dedicated and open-minded individuals looking to make a creative difference in the world. This unique opportunity to volunteer in Thailand rewards both volunteers and ARI program participants alike.

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  • Playing Archery Bow with the Young Lions 2 Sep 2015 | 11:08 pm


    In the last week I led my second workshop with The Young Lions, our weekly after school art workshop for neighbourhood kids. Usually we like to focus on art making that incorporates play and team building to encourage the kids to work together in a fun and relaxed way. For this week's activity, the children had the opportunity to learn how make a simple archery bow with a popsicle stick and a rubber band. 

    colouring the popsicle sticks

    We took a nautch out of each end of the popsicle stick to hold the rubber band, stretching it over the stick and through the nautches When they finished the assembly, the children could play with a target and check how well their bows worked. We also got them to colour their targets with the colours they liked best. We shot q-tips with our bows that had been cut in half.

    Assembling the archery bow

    Go to Play!!
    1, 2 and ...... shoot
    This new toy is very simple to make and the children will be able to do it again themselves!